Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Family Friendly

Joe and I have four kids: Desiree-age 6, Kimberley-age 2, Alyson-age 1, and Joseph-5 weeks. So when we are out and about in the community, or even up in Johnson County where his parents live, we notice when events and/or businesses take into consideration the needs of families. For instance, which restaurants offer high chairs and slings for the baby seat without us having to track down three different employees to ask for them. We also notice which stores are "family friendly," which cashiers take the extra three seconds to smile at the kids and attempt to make small talk, and which professional offices have a little box of toys tucked away for the kids of their clients who stop in to sit and play with so they don't get bored.
Perhaps one of my biggest things lately is places that offer nursing mothers a place to breastfeed. It drives me up the wall when I ask if there is a place I can sit to breastfeed my son where I will not be so visible since some people seem to be offended by that sort of thing (though why they are still doesn't make sense to me), I am told to feel free to use the restroom. Excuse me?! Do you often sit in the bathroom and eat? No? Then why should my baby? Some places are happy to offer you an empty office or conference room, while others seem to scoff at the mere idea of allowing you to feed your hungry baby the most natural and healthiest food possible in their establishment.
Do you know what I do in those situations?
.....I feed him right in the middle of their public waiting area!

Boo-yah! Here's to all the mothers out there who have or are trying to breastfeed their children! Stand tall, be proud, and don't let society tell you not to do what you know is best for your child!

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