Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What's going on this weekend?

Even before we started County Squire, we seemed to be the people that people called to find out what was going on this weekend. Maybe it was because we have a lot of kids (our fourth child was born April 8, 2011) that seemingly everyone automatically assumed we had the inside scoop on activities in the area. Perhaps it is because we live mere blocks from Paola's historic square, so it seems logical that we would know what is scheduled to happen there all the time. Maybe it is just because most people who know me also know that I like to be the one who knows what is going on.
Whatever the reason, ever since moving to Miami County, we've received phone calls, emails, and text messages asking us "What's going on this weekend?" It started out with my in-laws wanting to know if there was anything going on down here for the kids that they might be able to do with them when they came down. Now I get asked as the grocery store, at school events, and even on my personal FaceBook page.
A lot of people would find this annoying. I actually think it is kinda neat. It reinforces why we started County Squire in the first place! Our community really offers so much to do that a lot of people just don't know about!
Maybe my favorite part about publishing County Squire is when people in our community stop to let me know about an upcoming event. Since it is absolutely free to list community events, it's become a great way to get the word out! We've really only begun to scratch the surface of what our community offers, and with every phone call, email, FaceBook message, and flier, we are able to add to our community calendar yet another activity!
So next time you see me in the grocery store, at a PTO meeting, out with the family for dinner, or even at Wallace Park with the kids, don't be shy! Come on over, say hi, and let me know "What's going on this weekend!"



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